Hey, this is actually my solo project --- Funk Monster is the name of the album, by Andy Inman.

Go to http://www.andyinman.com.

I know there are are a lot of metal and hard rock fans here, but this album is not that. It is funk/electronic/some chill stuff.

Thanks for listening and any comments! I appreciate it
That was actually really good. I've always had a taste for funk and electronic and you combine them well. I was wondering though, how do you get that really funky sound like on colors?
I think it is the combination of the palm muted guitar and the slap & pop bass that sounds so funky. The low end is actually turned down quite a bit on the bass for a more poppy sound. The guitar is just a very simple palm muted riff.

And then when the synth lead comes in, the 50 milisecond "glide" between notes makes it sound crazy when playing notes from different octaves. Glad you like it man
Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and there's some great playing there. A great idea to combine electronic and funk, and it means you're unlike most stuff I've heard.

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Cheers. We appreciate it