Hey guys!

My band, Amateur Anthropologist, just put out a new EP we recorded a little while ago. We tracked all the music live, in the same room. Zero overdubs. Everything is about the second take or so. The bassist did all his vocal tracks a couple days later. These are basically all of our new bassists songs. I'm curious as to what you guys think! I'm also interested in hearing any bands that are similar to us. We've got a handful of local shows lined up (they're listed on the side), but are looking to book some more out of town.
I hope you enjoy it!

Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and there's some great playing there. I instantly think of the Stooges when I see 'Detroit Garage-Punk Band', and that can only be a good thing! I thought the songwriting was good too, with a decent amount of variety.

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Cheers. We appreciate it