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Yeah, it's been done a piss load of times before, I know. I just feel like taking my mind off elsewhere so I decided to make a thread.

My favourite guitar traditionally is the Les Paul, namely Gibson. I like Gibson despite their overpriced back catalogue simply because I don't like other brand's takes, if I were to be getting a guitar then I want the original brand most.
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i like superstrat shapes(strat too but superstrat seems more comfortable)

and its funny op likes gibsons take on the lp shape...its my least favorite lp shaped guitar it just dont feel right for soem reason
I'm a big ESP les Paul guy. Mostly cause I think they look so much nicer (personal opinion) Also SG's....
I think I like the ESP versions of both the Les Paul and the super strat, my favorite being the Horizon. Although Carvin makes a really beautiful guitar also.
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I usually prefer a Les Paul body, but I'm content with my Squier Strat.

It's the NECK that irks me. >.>
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I like the strat bodies as well as the v-shaped ones.
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PRS AND RGA I love carved tops. Les pauls are ok but kind of boring. every company has one or one like it.
PRS. Not too curvy, like a Strat, and not too pointy like an Ibanez RG. Just the right shape and curvature that it looks awesome, but doesn't lean towards any particular genre of music, cosmetically.

Les Pauls too, for essentially the same reasons, and having what I consider to be the ideal control layout.
The Strat body...always.........look at any genre, if you're playing a strat, you wont look out of place....just blends in so f***** well!
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Explorers are teh secks.
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favorite is super strat, but i like the v shapes, and the explorer shapes including the kelly. and i gotta give props to the pointy head stock of the jackson models, to further sexify the killer body shapes.
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Les Pauls as long as they follow the original shape. I don't like some of the LP styles that have a pointy horn or the top part isn't as round as the original. I also love Explorers. I just don't like the neck on any one I've ever played. If I could find one with the fat, late 50's style LP neck then I would have and Explorer in a heartbeat.
Les Pauls are def my favourite, but superstrats are a close second.
V's are my #1 and Superstrats are #2.
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By far my favorite shape
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I like the syn gates shape and the bc rich eagle and the explorer shapes. I also kind of like the new ibanez 'halberd' shape
While some prefer to strap on something with a thrusting shape like a Vee or playing with something that is pointy I prefer holding and caressing the softer feminine curves of a stat body, but it's all a matter of taste and orientation.
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The Les Paul or Firebird shapes are awesome, any Les Paul is good for me, from Junior to Axcess to Custom
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My all-time favourite shape is the Les Paul/singlecut shape. However I also really like Explorers and PRS Custom 22/24 shapes. Not a fan of strats or superstrats.
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Les Pauls, Strats and Teles. I cannot stand SG's or Superstrats. Or anything pointy for that matter.
I like Strat/Superstrat shapes. Not too picky, Strat, RG, S, etc. They all work for me. It just seems the most practical electric guitar shape.
Gibson style Explorers and Flying Vs are sexy. Single cutaways are sexy, both hollow and solid. Teles are hot.

As are ergonomic shapes, like the Ovation Deacon and the Klien.
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