Sounds pretty good, though I think there should be a bit longer, it seems to build up really nicely but I think maybe another 'verse' and 'chorus' fter that big chorusy bit (which sounded awesome) at the end. It seemed to me to be a little too short after the big, gradual buildup of all the elements, and you could blend in even some sort of interlude or instrumental after the chorus and then go back to it after to finish.
Also, some of the delay sounds a little off in terms of syncing with the rest of the music.
Still, some good ideas you've got there, your other songs are pretty nice too.
That sounds pretty cool mate.
I agree with the delay sounding a little off at times but Im definately liking what youve got.
Thanks for the review! I agree the delay sometimes sounds out of time with the song tempo (if you could do a MIDI-sync delay, that would help). But otherwise, it sounds pretty cool! I hear some 80's & 90's in there (which is fine by me).
Other than the off-time delay, I thought this was pretty good. I wasn't too keen on the drums until the last bit of the song, I didn't think they really fit the atmosphere as well as they could have.
It certainly would have been nice for the end to go on for longer, as well. It was a good build up to that climax, but it ended after just a few bars which was a little disappointing. You've certainly got some very cool ideas in this clip, it would be awesome if you could expand upon them!

If you're up for some critting yourself, feel free to check out any of the songs in my sig
that was actually really really cool. im not usually keen on post-rock or ambient stuff, but when the steady beat on the drums came on i started getting into it. not gonna lie to you, i did enjoy the tremolo thing going on with the guitars at the beginning, but when the song climaxed and the guitar texture thickened, i totally loved it.

keep it up! hope to hear more