Looks pretty standard to me...?
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5. You didn't notice that there was no #4.
6. You just checked it.
7. Now you're having a lil smile.

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The only thing that doesn't seem standard to me is the binding

Trust me, you won't find out what model it is just by looking at it (or even what brand for that matter: some Squiers like the Custom have binding too). So really, you'd have to contact the guy

I'm wondering why you're interested: does it really look that unique? The recording's not that great either so you can't really tell whether it sounds good, aigh?

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It's an American Deluxe Telecaster. If - and only if - it's a Fender. 'Cos I didn't see any headstock on the record, and the sound was so terrible that it could be any Tele-copy. I've seen a very nice Yamaha Pacifica 102 that looked the same, a few years ago.
The best sounding Telecaster I've ever heard was a Fender Telebration Flame Top Telecaster Limited Edition. It's about 1600 euros in a music shop. If you want some special Teles (with humbuckers, semi-hollowbody etc.), my favorite would be a Fender American Vintage´72 Tele Thinline. It is about 1800 euros.
It's either a USA 62' RI or a Classic Vibe... and judging by the fretboard, I'd go with Classic Vibe.