Hey all,I have a little dent on the 12th fret of my guitar well it's more like a little chip out of the metal almost directly under the B string.It's been really annoying because whenever I bend the B string from the 11 to the 13th or 14th fret or use vibrato the string catches in the little chip and screws the bend up completely and kills it.I'm wondering how do I fix this,Is there anything I can use to smooth it out.I've never heard or seen this problem before,I don't know how it happened either because I'm careful with my guitar.
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A photo would help.
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I have the same problem, imagine a cut into the fret that the string catches in when it passes over. Really annoying... however after getting on with it for a few weeks it pretty much smoothed itself out. That or i just dont notice any more.
Have your frets dressed and polished.
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try re dressing and polishing the offending fret. The groove should not be that deep. Or if really bad replace the fret, level, dress and polish to match existing.

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