Hi all.

Was a spoilt brat in my teens and have had an electric Guitar for best part of 20 years but could never play it, nor did I ever have the time to practise. And so what guitars I did have just sat about as sexy ornaments for a very long time (bare with me here)

As a teen I did a lot of chemical experiments and it is here I discovered my OWN taste in music, and not what everyone else was listening to.

I was a huge fan of Pink Floyd (The Early stuff was alright, but I loved, and still do the Roger Water's Pink Floyd era), Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Stone Roses, Ozric Tentacles, Frank Zappa, The Who, The Doors, Wishbone Ash, Caravan, Rush etc etc And I had a rather wealthy girlfriend at the time and she bought me my first electric Guitar. It was a Marlin something or other, but was basically a heavy Strat copy.

I never had an amp or a tuner or anything and so off I went with it to discover that I had no concept of this object and that I had no idea how to wring any thing of sibalance out of this gorgeous piece of wood. So went out on my motorbike coz I knew how to ride one of them and didn't need no practise AND the Girls thought that was rather hot so the guitar got bumped. It was put away in the loft for a few years until I moved away. To cut an already long story rather shorter, after I moved away which was when I was in my late teens, last year of them infact, it was an awkward time in the way that I had to start meeting people all over again. And so I'd meet people and one day one of them was a musician. He had a Tascam(?) 4 track tape recorder and I was impressed. The music wasn't my cup of tea, but it wasn't bad. It was like 'Flock of Seagulls' ilk, New Romantic, Electro pop. And through him I got to know another chap who wanted to learn to play the guitar but didn't have one. And being a nice guy I said to him you can borrow mine if you want ? I never saw that Guitar again

Moving onwards to now. Well I had a Sunn Mustang (Early model) bought for me with an amp, both were well used and battered when I got them, and STILL I had no time for it, and I was definately NOT going to lend it out. And that has sat around and gathered dust ever since about 17 years.


Last year I watched a documentary on Jimi Hendrix I think it was to basically let the world know that SONY now had Jimi's back catalogue and could do whatever they wanted to with it with the blessing of his Sister's and other family leeches, I mean members that had nothing to do with him when he was alive. Anyways I was watching this documentary and it said about Jimi getting his first guitar aged 12 (but if I remember rightly it he was actually 15???) And when they said that I realised that Jimi Hendrix had only spent 12 years, or 15 years respectfully, according to the family with his guitar's. Which is a really sad and tiny figure. And it was then that I realised that I had owned a single Guitar, longer than the Guitar GOD of ALL Guitar GOD's Jimi Hendrix had spent with his whole collection. INCLUDING the basic learning years.

And so the next day I dug out my axes in all their disrepair, I polished them up and restrung them.

My Amp no longer worked And it was then that an old friend came round to lend me an old karaoke machine so I could plug the guitar in and whilst he was there had a jam of his own and he was good, and before the hour was up we was jamming. WHich I had never done before. And if I hit a bum note he didn't look at me strange or anything, and he taught me a couple of things which gave me the confidence to press on with it. Now I set about spending a little money on the hobby, buying a Marshall 30watt amp (which is another interesting story I'll share in another no doubt long post) and my Boss MicroBr portable Recorder, and after looking round t'internet for effects etc I started to post up my wishlist reviews onto my Facebook page, and as Fate would have it, a dear friend of mine (who does not play any instrument and probably never will) recognised the Zoom G2 unit and said that he had cleared a house a while back and that he had a box of toot (NOT the slang word for Cocaine, but the slang word for rubbish) that might be useful to me. And so I told him to bring it over so I could see what was there. Inside the box was the following (froom memory)... A Zoom G2 multi effect stompbox/processor (which I was looking to buy anyway) and about 10 good guitar leads, also a portable micro Zoom Rythm Machine, a couple of Sure Microphones a Mic boom and a Keyboard stand. I nearly took his F'ing hand off. Literally. And it just went from there.

I am still very new to it, been playing nearly a year now, have recorded about 75 songs or more to date, a lot of them covers, but covers of songs which mean a lot to me. I have also recorded about 7 original songs, that I was very proud of at the time of doing them, but they ain't no ''Freebird'' or ''Creep'' thats for sure. But above all after bumping my repetative Xbox360, COD, GTA IV et al for the repetativeness but real achievement of a guitar. I have been having much fun in the privacy of a little room upstairs. I just wish I had took it up more seriously when I first got it. But in those days Sex, Drugs and (other peoples) Rock and Roll was too good for me. And took priority over everything. Just wish I could get the Acid I did back then. I'd make an album a day on that lol.

And so now I am an Acid Casualty of the 2nd age of Aquariaus/Summer of Love 1989. I'm 37 I live in London. I am not in a Band (hear me play and you'll understand why )

And so ... That is what brought me here. And now that I am here I would just like to thank Ultimate Guitar.com staff and contributors to UG, along with Guitarists on YouTube who don't mind sharing. And the whole world wide web for making it easier and less expensive to make dreams come true, and help me to learn to play the songs I love on an Instrument I love.

It's still a damn shame that publishing companies and artists are still trying to stop online Tab and Chord Sharing publication and Websites. And so God bless all at Ultimate Guitar and all those artists that dont cry and whinge about people learning those song's they bought faithfully time and time again on either 8Track, Tape, Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl, CD, Minidisc and MP3's online.

My material to date can be found and critiqued here.


Please do leave above all HONEST feedback and or tips for my recordings.

Sorry to bore you all to death. But thought it rude to not introduce myself. As I will be participating over here.