Hey UG.
Just something i've been wondering how to manage for some time now.
Seing professional players doing legato runs strictly with the left hand, meaning they wont use the right hand at all.
An example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbPsfqttfi0 - At around 1:24.
I always hit the string once with my right hand to keep the sustain.
What should i practice to be able to keep the sustain, strictly using my left hand?

Ty in advance
Assuming 3nps, when descending from high to low, you can hammer-on from nowhere (with the 4th finger) when moving to the next string.

When ascending, it's more common to pick the first note..... unless you get good at hammering-on from nowhere with the first finger.

If you're playing a 4nps string skipping lick,which is common when spanning 2 or 3 pentatonic shapes, this would be 3 notes with the left hand and one tapped with the right (unless you're Allan Holdsworth), hammering with the first finger is very useful.
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Not necessarily. Legato just mean "smooth", so anyway you can achieve smooth-sounding playing is your business. Hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping (which is just a whole bunch of hammer-ons and pull-offs when you think about it) and sweep picking are some techniques that come to mind.
I wouldn't go as far to say that playing smoothly is strictly in the left hand because if you're doing a run up and down the strings using a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs, you're most likely going to want to pick each new string at least once so you need to be on top of things.
Sweep picking is a smooth way of playing that is very much both left and right hand orientated, for example, and you can also incorporate hammer-ons and pull-offs there anyway.
But legato playing is possible with using only the left hand - the lead bit from ACDC's Thunderstruck comes to mind (not sure if he only uses his left hand - but it is very possible).
The most important part:
"I used to practice doing simple finger strength excercises" "it took me a while" he probably spent months just doing strenght excercises before going for the full legato runs :P

What i want to say, be sure you have the finger stamina, if not 3:47!!