i have been playin for about a month and a half i just want someone experienced to judge my progress as there are none around me who are able to do so.

I can play a few rock riffs (about 50 or so) like sweet child o mine, layla etc as well as the solos in stairway to heaven, sweet child o mine, free bird and crazy train to some extent, etc
you're either a prodigy or have too much time on your hands, if you aren't mistaken about what "can play" means.
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I play upto an hour a day.

i can play along with the track for most of the songs thats generally how i fine tune my playing...

how do i post vids?
Btw i haven't learned a single chord yet is that bad?
you must be trolling, i don't see how you can be that good playing up to an hour a day, and not even know any chords?

You just put your vid on youtube or something and post the link.
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