I mostly play bass, and use flats and some low mid/low thump. I recently got a bronco bass and want to have a dramatic variation in tone. First I'll be using rounds for one, but my idea is this.

A GFS 10k lil killer rail pickup, thenuse a .001 cap to ground the hiss, fizz and finger noise; and a .1 cap to ground the booming low. 500k audio pots for volume and tone; tone has a .033 or .022 cap.

Hoping for a very midrange accented, aggressive bass tone. Does my idea sound right for the sound?
Umm, I'm certainly not an expert at this sort of stuff, but it would be interesting to see what taht would do for the tone...My suggestion would be, if you want to try this, don't do any final soldering until you test it, just tape it up and give it a shot and then if it sounds good fix up the wiring and make it all nice and fancy.