ive got one of those dirt cheap entry level lap steel guitars, which i can play just fine
only thing is it doesnt sound like a lap steel guitar should-like how it does on hank williams and loretta lynn stuff. i know they were probs usin pedal steel instead of lap, but is there any way i can get emulate that sound without shelling out massive dollar?
I've tried every which way to emulate that pedal steel sound without a pedal steel... I'm still not satisfied. The ability to bend individual notes while on the slide just can't be done without the real thing, unfortunately.

When I want to fake it, I usually just get a clear, mid-rangey clean tone going and use a volume pedal (or my guitar's volume knob when I'm in a pinch) to kill the pick attack a little bit. A little bit of analog delay (or any delay as long as there's some sort of hi cut in effect) helps too.
nerd it til it Hz.
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Crank the volume. It’s amazing how often the rich warm tones on old albums are just the result of pushing a Fender amp really hard.