I've sort of become infatuated with a parker pm20 pro my local shop has. Does anyone own this guitar/ tried it? How is parker quality control. My only issue is spending ~$800 on a guitar made in Korea. Should I really be looking at getting some MIJ/MIA guitars at this price range. The fact that it's discontinued makes me worry that the quality was bad etc...

Also, what are these pickups cabable of. I love the fact that it has a coil tap.

"A guitar this nice deserves some special pickups, so Parker installed a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers on the PM-20PRO, with a JB humbucker in the bridge position and a Jazz humbucker in the neck. Both have coil-tapping for additional tonal versatility. From crisp, clean rhythm sounds to scorching hot solos, this one has it all!"

I play mainly indish stuff with twangier Tom Petty stuff thrown in.


EDIT- They also have this: Yamaha PAC1511MS-NT Mike Stern Signature


Which I'm considering (as it's on sale). But I don't think it's a very versitile guitar. I also don't know anything about the pickups in this bad boy. The Ash body seems nice though.
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Not sure about this model but I've never heard anything bad about Parker guitars, apart from some people finding them ugly lol.
I've just bought myself a fly (NGD in the making) and it's absolutely amazing, plays like silk.
I didn't realise that they made Parkers in Korea?
Sorry haven't got a clue about the Yamaha but I wouldn't think it would be anywhere near as good as the Parker.
That's the whole dilema - They made the PM series for a while which was their budget line out of Korea. I don't know if all the good things people say about Parkers still apply to this line.

Still, this is the PRO model from that line which comes with the better pickups, bridge and locking tuners.
I Know this thread is dead but I would just like to say that I own this guitar and everything about it is amazing
not sure about the higher end ones but i picked up a lower end one, like the 100-20 dollar ones or whatever they are, and it was not good. seemed to have some bad fit and finish, seemed to feel wrong in a lot of ways. lots of things didnt feel quality. perhaps that doesnt mean the higher end ones are the same way.

like epihpone. the low end s-100 plywood terrific SGs are terrible but thier 500-600 higher end models are a heck of a lot better. probably the same thing.
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