I liked it.
I feel like the balance was a little meh, but that's just me.
The drums sound like samples, so I'm assuming they are.

The melodies of the guitar parts are really good, as is the actual execution of them.
But I feel like you put a LOT of reverb on the rhythm guitars, or at least the guitar playing the main riff, and it kind of muddies up the overall sonic palette.
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The riff you play at the beginning.. you change it up and basically play a harmony of it without the original going version as well.

What you should do is record two guitar tracks of the entire thing and pan one to the left, one to the right. Have one of them play the first versions of all the riffs. Have the second play the first and then halfway through play the harmonized version.

Should sound much better that way.

Also, I personally would avoid reverb on the rhythm guitars. If you must use it, just use a little.

The drums really don't sound great. Aren't bad, but like the person above said - they don't sound very convincing.
If you go to the Andy Sneap Ultimate Metal forum you can get some great samples for free. Otherwise it'd be worth getting a drum vsti. Addictive, Seven Slate, Superior, or even EZ.

Now the 'bass'. It sounds like a bass and has a fine tone.. but it doesn't fill out any of the bass frequencies. I can turn my subwoofer to max and it still doesn't have any of the bass frequencies needed.
Is the bass a pitch-shifted guitar or just a vsti playing parts low? Or maybe just not properly eq'd? cut too many low frequencies?

If so, that's why. If you don't have a real bass, then there are some vstis that will generate the bass frequencies your mix needs and will help the overall sound a lot because right now only the kick drum is the only thing playing a part in the main bottom end.
If that isn't the issue, then just boost the 50hzish region a load through EQ.

Overall, sounds pretty good.

Only thing I'd really recommend for the track itself in terms of composition is a melody or some other kind of layers on top and maybe some sort of chorus.
Doesn't need to be vocals. Guitar or synths could work well and keep the instrumental feel. (if you like that)

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