I felt like I was waiting for it to build, or go somewhere, and it never really did that, It stayed at the same level the whole time. I dont know if you were going for a mellow like that, but I found by the end it wore on a bit. However, I think the song itself is good, The mixing is realy good, the vocals are very bluesy and fit great, so keep it up!

Thanks! We tried adding some percussions in the last chorus, but it just sounded odd, so we left it in this very mellow style.

'Manners' is really cool, I like the delays. The bass tone is really sweet aswell. However, the drums sound a bit muffled and dull. I would liven them up a bit and make them pop a little more. I also think the solo guitar should be a tiny bit louder, it kind of disappears in the mix now.
Overall, nice tune with lots of cool elements, keep up the good work!
a bit drawn out and mellow at the start, but the song quickly progressed and became interesting. loved the whole feel to it, really emotional, kinda Adele-esque. really enjoyed listening to it, although maybe you guys should put a little more variety and allow it to climax, maybe with an "extra-power" chorus near the end where the singing is louder and more emotional, and the guitars strummed a little harder.

allover nice recording

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Unlike what others have said, I liked the song more when it was just vocals and one guitar. I felt like the other guitar came in way too early, and without some kind of percussive effect, felt way too lifeless. Since you thought that adding percussion sounded weird, might I suggest you bring a banjo into the mix instead? The harsh "attack" of the banjo would really fill in the gaps and make for a catchier song. Love the vocals btw.

Hope this helps