Hi, i installed a humbucker in my strat a few years back and the tone pots didn't work. I've just recently wired it back to 3 single coils (vintage noiseless) and the tones arent woking still. I'm also getting buzz unless i act as a ground and touch metal on the guitar.

I've proved that there's ground continuity between all pots and all metal on the guitar with a tester. I did also find continuity between the input on the volume pot and ground which I'm taking is a short. It's not obvious to me how this has happened though. Would this be the cause of all the problems?

Any help appreciated, I'd like to have the pleasure of tone control. Thanks
I take it its normal to find continuity between ground and input on the volume pot then
I'll probably end up re-doing all my soldered grounds but I'd like to hear some thoughts as to why the tone pots aren't working. I used a seymour duncan diagram.
Sorry bud I kind of missed part of your first post, I'd buy new pots, they're cheap and with them and the seymour wiring diagrams you won't go wrong.
Cheers, but they are new pots. The last time the pots weren't working after the rewire, they were also new pots at the time. So it seems like it's something i'm doing. Obviously the seymour duncan diagrams are great so i cant see how it could be wired incorrectly.
I'll try a complete rewire tonight with a new cap and see how it goes.