its called a flutter

i like to do it with the bar turned around pointing away from the neck, its easier and more noticable.
Funnily enough I'm learning this solo at the moment. Well OK, I know the whole thing but can't get it to 100% speed yet. Anyway, scooping - when you dip the whammy bar down and bring it up again as you hit a note (though the first one he does he seems to do the opposite way around), and I don't know the name of the second but mdc says it's warbling so let's go with that :P To do that, you basically flick the whammy bar. Try it slowly and out of context first - hit a note (though it doesn't seem to work too well on open strings unless you mute the rest) then push the whammy bar down and let your hand come off it. I tend to do it by running my hand along the whammy bar, pushing it down in the process, so that when my hand comes off it flicks upwards. It's quite an easy technique that looks and sounds pretty cool.

EDIT: Flutter, that's the one!
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