So I've been trying to write songs for a long time now. I can write the music, but not the lyrics. I can usually manage to get one or two good lines, but after that nothing... After thinking about it for a while, I realized I try to write my lyrics the same way as another band I like.
I figured that if I could write my lyrics like them they would be good, but I haven't been able to write because its not my style. Only problem is now I don't know what my style is anymore.

So I have two questions, 1. Is it necessarily bad to write lyrics like someone else? and how would you do it but still sound original? 2. How do you find out your own personal style of writing after you've been trying to write another way for so long?
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I had the same problem when I started writing. The thing is you shouldn't try too hard to make them great. Especially when you're starting with lyrics, it's best to let them flow and let the words speak for themselves rather than trying to force a specific style. If you like how that goes over time it becomes easier to make the lyrics more poetic and by then have established a style for yourself.
If it works for you, than so be it. You can't argue with success.

If you need to find what works for you best, look around the techniques forum.
I find that not picking a style, and rather starting with a poem to be rather helpful
I don't know what you mean to write lyrics like someone else. Honestly, however, most people are very derivative with their early compositions, so don't stress about it too much.
Question 1: No, it's not bad to sound like another artist. You just need to be original about it. In my favorite song I've ever written I almost copied Angels & Airwaves and +44, but instead of sticking to a specific style, trying to make it punky or spacey etc., try just going with it and see what comes out of it.

Question 2: I recommend trying to find some band or artist that you really like that could sound like what comes to your mind. (Occasionally, after writing for a while, tunes start popping into your head, that's the opportunity to write, before you forget!) Study how that artist plays, what the songs are about, how the lyrics are phrased, and the structure of the song (meaning where and when things come in, i.e. Intro/Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Verse/Solo/Chorus/Outro)