Thanks for the reviews! The guitar audio and riffs are quite nice (though the playing could be tighter). Trippy vocals (reminds me of the Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Jane's Addiction, all at once). There was a slight hiccup at 2:46 (an edit point?). I liked the song overall.
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Insturmental is ace. The vocals need to be mixed just a little better, and the guitar is slightly too loud. Other than that, I love the guitar style, and the backing track is nicely done.

Thanks for the reviews. I revised the song, I raised the volume on the vocals a bit, lowered volume on guitar a bit aswell.
Hey Duce, took me a while to get to reviewing your song. I like the basic premise for the song and the instrumentals are very nice. What I didn't like was that the vocals sound so overloaded with FX it detracts from the song. Other than muddying up the vocals it seemed like the echo was clashing with the tempo. Not sure if that's it but that was the impression I got.
You've got a clear, cool sounding voice and the delay effect you put on it is cool, but your voice is very noticeably pitchy. Keep practicing.

You've got a great acoustic guitar sound. You were struggling to keep on tempo especially in the intro, but I can't hate you for it because I'm a recording noob and timing always trips me up as well. Practice practice practice.

Like you said, this is a very ambient song. It sounded a bit like bittersweet symphony.

Like others have said, the guitar parts could be a little quieter, but I like the vocals at the level that they are at now.

Hope this helps

Sounds pretty good man, I really like the vocals. They sound just right, and the guitar sounds really cool. I really like the song writing on this too, just everywhere the song goes keeps my attention. I can definitely tell you are influenced by Nirvana. Anyways keep up the awesome song writing, and thanks for the crit.
yea mate, sounding good, riffs remind me of Nirvana, and your voice reminds me of Scott Weiland, which cant be a bad thing!!!!

Do you have a facebook page?? If not, you should try and get your tunes on there and youtube for more exposure!!

all the best
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thanks for the reviews guys, really appreciate it. To be compared to the singing of Scott Weiland is such a huge compliment. I personally think I'm not a very good singer, thanks for the confidence boost. To be compared to NIrvana as well is awesome, one of my main influences. Yea I want to get a good video going on youtube, and get a facebook page up as well.

I just had a music producer contact me about the song, he asked how I recorded it. He was shocked to find I only spent 300$ on my setup. LOL
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Nice tune. The verse guitar is a little bit too loud (for my taste at least), and the vocals should be given more room. However the riffs and soloing is cool and rhytmic, sweet. Recording quality sounds very good aswell.
Good job overall