Hello U-G Forum, I would like to know what my guitar level is and what songs I should try from the bands I'm going to list at the end. I want to play hard core rock, metal, death metal, ect... but right now I can only play decent rock.

Songs I can completely play:
A new momentum - Chevelle
Closure - Chevelle
Comfortable liar - Chevelle
Jars - Chevelle
Send the pain below - Chevelle
The Red - Chevelle
When I come around - Green Day

There are like 2 more songs but I don't play them often so I'm not sure of the names.

Bands I would like to play like are:
We butter the bread with butter
A day to remember
Parkway Drive
Dr. Acula

Thanks for any help / info.

You need to get better before you take any of those bands on. The level you're making it seem like your at makes it unlikely that you'll be able to handle most of those bands' stuff.
Spend some time in the guitar techniques forum. Lots of resources there. This forum is for discussing gear.