I just returned from a Tony Iommi book signing for his biography titled "Iron Man" on November 1st, 2011 at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Although I have not yet read this book I was very dissatisfied to meet (who I thought for years was my hero) Tony Iommi.
I drove well over two hours to New Jersey and waited in the cold parking lot for an hour and a half with my teenager son just to meet Black Sabbaths' guitarist Tony Iommi in order for a book signing.
Approximately 300 people attended the signing and as we finally entered the book store we noticed a person (approximately 10 people ahead of us) with a Black Sabbath LP (The 1st self titled LP), the man was approximately 50 years old and of course waited patiently like all of us to meet Tony. When it was his turn his face lit up in cheer, his cheeks red and a smile from ear to ear. He quickly approached Tony Iommi and a employee from the store took his copy of Iron Man and handed it to Tony, Tony signed it and the man respectfully requested Tony to sign the record. Tony paused. Tony Iommi paused and waited. Iommis' bodyguard was apparently looking at something else. The man said "Can you sign this"? Tony Iommi replied "what's that?" and "hinted" to his bodyguard. The bodyguard quickly pick-up on the "signal" and stated "Only books will be signed". The man's face fell and slowly turned white, while he looked at his feet and walked away.
Now my son is a big fan, he removed a guitar plate from his Signature Tony Iommi Epiphone Gibson SG Guitar. His plan was to have this small 6"X 4" guitar plate signed by the master himself..Tony Iommi.
It was now our turn to meet Tony. We handed 2 copies of the book to the employee for signing (one copy was my sons, the other for me), Tony signed them and I handed the guitar plate to him....Tony refused to accept the plate and looked at it and then looked at his bodyguard. The bodyguard stated "Only books will be signed". I looked and Tony and the bodyguard and replied "This is for my teenager son, its from Tony's Brand Guitar...please sign it" the bodyguard looked at Tony, I looked at Tony and Tony Looked away. The bodyguard stated "sorry, only books will be signed". Tony Iommi or should I say tony had the plenty of time to sign it. The signing session was almost over with just a few people left and he refused! Now I understand that memorabilium was not to be signed but hey......tony, what about the fans? The fans tony. If I knew you would be stuck-up and refuse to sign a teenager item...(you know, the next generation to support your music) I would have never attended...Thanks for nothing. John.

He probably has some contract that states that he could only sign the books.
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He probably has some contract that states that he could only sign the books.