I think I'd be inclined to lose the mad drums at the start and maybe use them at the first chorus/break, not sure about the harmony guitar parts at 3.05, not sure if they really fit with the rest of the tune. I think the whole thing would sound a lot different with the right vocals though and maybe you could do that bluesy thing of call and answer between the vocals and guitar on the quieter parts if you know what I mean.

It kind of reminds me a little bit of Amor apart from the ending with the extra reverb.

These are just some things that I personally think though and I could be talking crap lol. On the whole though I like it, it sounds like the sort of thing I'd be messing with using my looper. Thumbs up.
I really dig this. Definitely needs some vocals, but I feel a Black Keys vibe to this one. Everything sounds really in sync with each other, song flows well, though I think its a little long, but that may just be because theres no vocals. I agree with the early comment about the ending as well, but like aaron aardvark pointed out, I dont know if thats what you were going for or not. All in all, Its really solid, Keep it up!

loved the whole 80s thing going, with the twang, light overdrive and reverbed drums. just a question, are the drums programmed? and if so, what did you use to get that classic reverb? it was seriously awesome.
nice mixture of riffs you got going on in there, with awesome recording quality and feel to it. i especially love at the end where it climaxes and has the several guitar layers in it. the only criticism i have it that you repeat the main riff too much, so maybe you should do a couple more lead sections in there and a solo or whatnot.

overall, excellent job!
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's appreciated muchly. Naybnbyuwn, I don't know what I'd call the drums exactly... The whole drum track is made up of actual audio samples of drums/cymbals, put together in Ableton on like 5 or 6 tracks (one for snare, one for bass, one for hats, etc.). So, I made the drums, then just applied reverb on whatever I thought necessary. This was difficult to do since I'm running a free version of Ableton which only allows me 8 tracks and 4 audio effects (which include reverb, and even EQ's, so say goodbye to an impressive mix).

I've returned feedback for all of your songs in your threads! Thanks again.

Hagstrom, I'll give you feedback here.

This is a really cool, laid back tune, I quite like it. The way your tremelo correlates with the tempo of the song is nice. Only criticisms is that the production is unfortunately a little shotty (but still very listenable), and there are a couple timing issues here and there. But still, nice track! Keep it up my friend.
Your guitar tone is really nice man. Just enough drive, very smooth. The guitar work was very tasteful, good buildup and also good climaxes (lol eargasm). The bridge was sick awesome buildup. The only negative is that the main riff gets just a little bit repetitive. But I thing once theres vocals in the song that repetitive feel wont be there. Overall, just a very well played song. Good job on it bro. Let me know when you get vocals on it.

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