My wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks and I need a Chorus pedal but need to keep it at (or below) $100. Looking at the MXR 234 Analog Chorus or the Boss CH-1 but could be swayed to another pedal.

I need it mostly for Praise and Worship playing for nice rhythm sections.

so MXR, Boss or other (EHX, DOD, DeltaLab etc.)?

Thanks guys and gals!!
Generally, the Analog Chorus will sound warmer and more natural, but will be a bit limited on what you can do range wise. Analog pedals tend to be a bit more expensive than their digital counterparts.

The Boss Digital chorus will have a better range of tones, but won't be as warm.

They are both great pedals - you just have to try them both and go with the one you like the best.

Personally, I prefer analog pedals over digital ones. They just sound better to me.
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for around 100$ i'd say the mxr would be your better bet.

however, if you are willing to expand, there are quite a few good chorus pedals to get.
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