Hey guys, I hope I can get some help. I recently got a randall rh200sc head and matching cab. The head can do mono or stereo. I have it hooked up mono with one speaker cable and its just not very loud at all. My other guitarist has a marshall vs100 which is obviously less watts but is quite a bit louder than my randall. What could be causing this? Its really a problem because im getting drowned out in the mix.... Since this amp has a stereo setting, is it only running at half watts (100) and using 1 power amp (dont stereo amps have 2?) It seems like hooking it up mono would use both power amps but I may be wrong.. I dont have another speaker cable but I can buy one if you guys think hooking it up stereo will solve the problem. Ive read that these things get LOUD but mine is barely loud enough to contend with the marshall at full volume. Also, if this iSnt the problem, what else could it be? Thanks.
The listed wattage of an amp is not directly related to how loud the amp gets. Some circuits are louder than others, for a lot of different reasons. Just tell the other guitarist to turn down his Marshall. If he won’t turn it down join another band with musicians who actually understand how a band works.
I understand.. Although its not like hes just being a dick and playing loud for the hell of it, hes just being heard over the drums. Basically, I just feel like this amp should be louder and dont understand what the deal is. Can anyone confirm my theory about the mono setting only using one power amp (assuming all stereo heads have 2)?
As I understand it, the amp is set up as 100 watts + 100 watts stereo. Which means when you're using it in stereo mode, it's sending out two individual 100-watt signals. It's not like using it in stereo bumps the wattage up to 200. It should always be sending 100 watts to the speakers. Someone who knows more about this please correct me if I'm wrong...

That being said, you shouldn't be hurting for volume if you're running 100 watts. What are your level and master settings? Does the Ohms output on the amp match the cab you're running it into? Is the speaker cable a real speaker cable (not a guitar cable)?

Have you double-checked your guitar on a different amp to make sure it's not your guitar (bad output jack, tone/volume knobs, etc)? Do you have active pickups? If so, how old is the battery? Do you have any pedals in between your guitar and the amp? If so, check those batteries and cables too.

It could really be any number of things...
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I ruled out the guitar and cables, my levels were at max, I use no effects and I.do not have active pick ups. I just refuse to believe these amps are this quiet.