I've got my eye on some sg's (or lps,) i've been looking at the base model faded sg's and for about $400 used seem like a great deal. I have also been looking at sg menace at $700 a les paul voodoo at $800, gold top classic with p90's or a sg classic with p90's. all are under $800 used and thats pretty much my limit.

I just want something with more crunch than my strat and epi dot.
i am also looking at a lp studio for $500 which seems like a good deal, i play a bit of everything really. But mostly blues and rock, although I am having a hard time getting a really crunchy sound out of my current two guitars, strat plus and epi dot. My amps are handsome devil stack, champ 600 and fender pro jr and various pedals. Also saving up for a vox night train 50. So far iam really looking at the 3 sg's Classic, faded and menace. I'll try and swing by to a guitar center this weekend but the nearest one is about 2hours away.
Any one of those would be a great guitar. The sg menace and the lp voodoo look cool, but it's a very dark look. If that's your thing then go for it. I personally like more classic-looking guitars so I'd probably go for one of the classics (but that's just personal preference).

Make sure you get your hands on both an SG and a LP before you buy either. Like Delboyuk said they feel very different. I love the way SGs look but I can't stand playing one. I don't like the way they balance. Les Pauls on the other hand feel perfect to me. Everybody's different...
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A faded SG for $400 and an LP Studio for $500 are going to be good deals. If you can, play 'em and see what you think. I'd go for either of 'em.

I see you have a Handsome Devil stack, get some used old stock tubes for it. Trust me.
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iam going to have to go try them out something similar soon, i've kinda torn, been wondering if i should just get a newer amp right now instead of a new guitar