snowflake shuffle
homeless hustle
trustfund baby (baby baby no)
rich black serpent
drill white servant
all night
because he born black
and he sex black
and when he slide back chestplate shoulderblade-

we were all on all fours all woes siphoned into the concrete jungle
mother earth chained us to
hoos down in hooville
bible and a trick knee prophecy
keep morality in check to justify free labor
prison privatization cater to black
welfare queen
throne hill throne leg burn
scarlet letter

"'ey boyo they dun hid evr soap in the neighborhood
to pressure wash wash wash
merit and a cobra
fingerprint and yous a baby chimp

theres plastic in the milk
stupid nig
cause you born black serpent
and only pleasure is rape pleasure

death pleasure, massa?
yessir, crooked crow,
postracial congress
got long way to go
got a long way to go"
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