I've been looking around for flying v's, and I've found this one.

It's a blonde/classic white Flying V with a hockey stick style head stock. It looks pretty solid, but I've never really played with Davison guitars. I know they're usually cheapo's, but I've never seen one like this.

Anyone got some info or thoughts on this one?

Looks sweet... But looks don't mean much for nice guitars in my opinion.
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It looks like the kind of guitar you'd buy for 70 quid new out of cash converters. Probably is under a new banner. The logo is a dead giveaway all the cheap shite has that font.
They are cheap, they do not use that headstock anymore. But cheap doesnt all ways mean bad, I am sure with a good setup and maybe a pickup upgrade it can be a pretty nice guitar to mess around with. Go try it out and see what you think.


Ive heard there LP's can be hit and miss but ive heard some good things about there explorer copies.
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It's a beautiful guitar. It's definitely a nice piece to show off. I just don't know anything about the brand, and since it's an online auction site that's selling it, I cant really play it first.
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Looks sweet... But looks don't mean much for nice guitars in my opinion.

i have a davison and it is abso-frickin-lutely awesome