Right ppl, please can someone tell me what the song is which is being played right near the end when, Jon Heder is standing at the escalator and then beings to run to the aeroplane - yes the epic bit.

Then, when I know I have quite a brilliant announcement to make.

(Apart from the one where this thread marks my heroic return to the Pit)

The Pit should be ashamed...

no answer, I used to rely on the Pit to answer every question that could possibly be thought up... but they cant even answer a simple what song is this question... we need a referendum.
Quote by devourke
The song is Sail - Awolnation.

Now stop bumping the thread

Thank you for the genuine post. but this is not the song.
but, there is bit where he runs in slo mo.....

i dont think anyone has got it yet

its not In the End, ty though