In late Sept I got myself a BWM Chimp 5watt all valve amp off ebay, for 150 bucks. It's a solid little unit, but it is indeed little. The 6" speaker doesn't do it justice and the 6L6 just sounds crippled in it. It sounds like....well...a 6" speaker. Workable, but no real meat.

This is what it normally looks like.

So 3 weeks ago I ordered a Celestion 12" G12K-100 Classic. Much higher SPL / watt and it's power rating is total overkill for the amp but that didn't matter. It arrived last weekend. Plugged it into the external cab out jack in the amp as a test run (just the speaker solo on its back) and the whole sound and tone was like a complete transformation. It just took complete charge of the amp and the amp sounded pleased to be out of its confined shell finally.

Then I got a complete jolt of inspiration.

So I got to work.

Got myself a subwoofer cabinet for 40 bucks from an auto car store. 15mm thick particle board, solid construction, pre cut 12 driver hole. 40 bucks. Perfect. Being for a subwoofer though it was completely enclosed, and mounting the speaker would have sealed it airtight.

So took it home, made a bunch of measurements and checked them twice. Got all my fabrication tools out and started cutting a complete opening in the back. Made sure not to cut with the fabric overlay and left lots behind to fold back over the cuts. Cut a mounting cavity for the Chimp amplifier head module and mounted it. Mounted the power toroid. Mounted the 12" speaker on the front. I've ordered a 12" black mesh metal speaker grill (for 8 bucks) which should be here sometime next week. Hopefully I don't kick the speaker in before it gets here....

Also put the attenuator dial on the side panel. I used what was the front grille of the original Chimp amp as a rear grill protector. Still allows good airflow, and the sound of the speaker to resonate while stopping people accidentally sticking their hands into the tubes.

Transferred all the corner protectors and rubber feet across also. Rre-used all the bits, including all the screws from the original Chimp (sans the case and the carry handle). Didn't have to buy anything extra at all.

This is what it looks like now.

350 bucks total spent for the amp, speaker and cab. Complete transformation. Took me a day for the lot and worked first time. Started on Saturday, was blasting through it on Sunday. Sounds like an amp worth much more than the money I spent on it. Couldn't be happier.

It rocks the bedroom, literally.

Just thought I'd share.

Thanks for looking.
Wow that looks great! nice work =D
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Quote by Leon987
awesome, well done, whats the impedance of both speakers?

The original and the Celestion are both 8ohm. Was careful to select a like for like impedance.
Nice job, i keep seeing these on fleabay, i was always put off by the tiny speaker though. Plus theres the VHT special 6 too...

That looks cool though, my BF has a car sub i might steal for this reason...
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I wouldn't have bought an overkill rated speaker (although that one probably sounds worlds better than stock anyhow) because guitar speakers are designed to overdrive when the amp is fully cranked.

Sounds galactically better. Celestions are always my first choice regardless even if the speaker coil and cone aren't driven into non linearity.