a song i recorded yesterday. really diverse, as i tried to incorporate a lot of my influences (Metallica/Dream Theater/Meshuggah/Opeth etc.), as well as experiment with synth sounds and midi and whatnot. please comment

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Not really my style, but there are a lot of nice lead lines which really fit the tune. Recording quality seems good aswell. The drums sound a little too bassy sometimes, they could use a little more 'umpfh'.
This is a really cool song, its definitely a unique sound from just a traditional prog metal feel, i dig it. Like Zimens its not really my style of music, but the recording is done well, and lets just say you have a new follower on soundcloud. Keep it up!

While your playing is very clear and clean, you need to bring the guitars waaay forward in the mix. There's a bunch of parts where they're simply drowned out by the drums, etc. I think this song would have a way bigger impact if you just switched the levels up.

From what I could make out, you've got a ton of cool riffs in here though. I would have used a different synth patch at 3:30 than what you did, how do you record the synth? Is it actual synth or just midi? I'd also recommend stretching that last riff out for another few bars before you start to fade out, it would make it sound much smoother.

You have an awesome sound, but I think this song would be hugely improved by making the guitar louder!

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Thanks for the reviews! Now your tune: nice guitar playing! The intro seemed liked it would be good movie music. Then nice guitar riffs. Then a surprising style change at 1:20....then back to hard rock. Sounds like angry bees at 3:05. Drums are working well. Nice recording/composition!
Awesome! thanks for the reviews everyone!
@metorical, i just use a midi saw synth setting. i tried getting some nice keyboard sounds on fl studio, but they stuff up the pitches that i try to get with keyboard, like theres some problem when it converts the midi programming to a vst instrument one.
This is very well written so well done. Vibrato could be better but the writing is solid so congratulations
Very impressive writing, as the above poster said. This is a really cool idea, I love the multiple genres and sudden changes. The intro was fantastic, loved the exotic feel and the bells. My main criticism, like somebody else has said, is that the mix needs to be reworked. You've got lots of great riffs in there that aren't being appreciated because they're drowned out by the drums. Other than that, this is a solid song! Great job.

Thanks for the feedback on my song.