I will start with the positive:
1. it is really hard to organize five people - thumbs up for that.
2. the video editing wasn't bad
3. to walk through it and just concentrate on individual parts all instruments were pretty good
To get to the bad stuff:
1. you are all really out of sync! and when I concentrate on the vocals, they are really out. How did you record it? Did you record drums first, then base, than gtrs, etc. ? Or did you all record to a backing track and then glued it together? because first method is the right one.
2. you should pick someone who has correct english pronunciation to cover english lyrics. that really annoyed me, though I come from the Czech Rep.
3. the guitar sounded out of tune sometimes.

Overall not bad, but a lot of stuff to work on. I would point out the synchronization to beat as the first and most important one.

I would be glad, if you let me know, when you do something new. I would like to see your progress.. all and all it is not a bad idea. Cheers.

Also - if you have time, check out some of my covers please youtube.com/diggtheblues (link in my signature)