So far I've been practising with a Dean Z and an MG30DFX.

Rec me amps, pedals, guitars.

The distorted tones I like are NIN, Muse. For clean, Radiohead.
Basically, think rock with a more electronic approach.

Also, I love effects. So far I've used reverb, flanger, chorus and delay, all integrated in my amp.
What I want to achieve is screeching harmonics that sound like dementia, warping Cure-esque guitars, and generally WEIRD sounds.
How much cash have you got to spend?

Not much point replacing junk with crap.

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2004 EBMM JP6
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You don't install the kaoss pad in the guitar... you put an x-y pad with a midi jack in the guitar. And if there's space, yeah you can do it in pretty much any guitar with a router, and patience.
I would recommend you get a great sounding basic set up first though...
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)
ok. first off, if you play your guitar well and it in fact plays well in general, it will have the least effect on sound. i think you have teh right approach, pedals and amps will make the most difference, mostly the amp.

at 150 you can get GREAT pedals, used your looking up to 200-300 range retail if you look hard enough. i have never spent over 150 on 1 pedal yet and i don intend to if you try hard enough to find what you are looking for.

will you be playing live? what is your requirement for gain, volume, and headroom?

and given the recent additions to teh market, i will always say carvin v3m, tubemeister, and something egnater - all three are solid cand go wrong amps. start there and deviate based on your needs.
+1 on the v3m.
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)