Hi my name is Luke and I'm new here. I've bee looking at getting a new amp but w a kid on the way I'm not getting anything cool. I've surfed around and seen a few guys r turning old combo amps into cabinets. What I have is an '83 fender studio lead, electronics r shot but 12" speaker and cabinet are fine. I read a thread here on how to do the project and was wondering if the project is worth it and if so what is a good inexpensive head unit to get to use w it?
Project is easy, it can be as simpl as just removing the wires from the amp's electronics, and connecting those wires to a jack... Hot (Red) to the Tip, Ground (Black) to the Sleeve, and then mounting the jack on the back of the combo.

You will need to find a head that matches the impedence of the speaker you have, but some options out there: Vox lil'Night Train, Blackstar HT-5r, Blackstar HT-1r, Marshall Class5 Head. Night Train is my favorite, followed by Class 5. The two blackstars are equal, just get which one suits you better. the HT-5 has more clean headroom, and the HT-1 is great for distortion tones but not much else, the thing they have over the Vox and Marshall is reverb.