It appears the VRG Ibanez guitar builder is down, which is a huge inconvenience.
I'm wanting to make a custom pickguard for my Ibanez, it's an RG, Roadster green, with maple fretboard, and the pickguard is going to be white, with a slanted neck single coil, bridge humbucker, single volume and 3 way lever.
I'm not sure this scheme will look right which is why I want to test it in a virtual guitar builder, does anyone know of any other site that let's you customize an Ibanez RG?
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^You need to register on website to save the images, the website even tells you to do so.

EDIT: Oh sorry, it doesn't allow that for the older version, which includes the RG shape and JEM.. Too bad.. :/
Gear pics

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Awesome. Now that I've designed what it may look like with a new pick guard and control set up, give me some honest opinions.
Is it hideous or tasteful?
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Thank you!
Now one more question.
How do I save the images to share them on here?

just hit "print screen" on your keyboard and then you can hit "paste" in e.g. MS Paint or something like that. And then upload that to e.g. photobucket and then post the link pr image here.
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