Neither get a used ibanez thats better quality for the same price. But big no to the epi the trems on those suck.
price : 100 - 170 GBP
i live in GB england yorkshire
GnR songs. a little bit of metal
er im not sure about Amps and stuff
my bro has got Yamaha GA-10 though
Look for an used Ibanez RG321 imo.

e: or RGR321, RGA42
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For the price you say, your best bet is a Epiphone g-400, little over, but above the quality of the ones you were looking at, They do it in i think red or black,


VINTAGE do some great Imitations, well worth the money,


both of those will handle metal, and rock, and even blues.

but then again, you'll need a better amp, stay awy from line 6 spiders and marshall MG, there are better amps for your cash,

good versatile starter amps




ill keep my eyes open for more guitars,.
maybe you can find a used Vintage or Epiphone used will get you a better guitar for the money.
for anything cheaper you cannot expect anything worth keeping for more than a few months i'm afraid.
The ltd My_Login_Name reccommended will be okay, but it is really worth maybe saving an extra 200 or so, if you get a cheaper guitar, you will outgrow it in a few months, start to realise, oh, this feels so cheap as opposed to Friend A's guitar .e.t.c
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Quote by RevPro12

I haven't heard of any of those brands, well maybe Stagg but I don't hear much about them. And I have to admit, the PRH looks alot like a PRS with the bird inlays and beautiful top. Maybe its just a coincidence

None of them IMO.

EDIT: And just look at the ad at the bottom of the page for the PRH: "stunning looking guitar", "could easily be mistaken for one costing 10 times the price", "jawdropping honeyburst". They don't even brag about the playability and sound like other companies do, all they're advertising is the looks and the fact that it has "x2 humbuckers".
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TS your budget is fit only for Starter guitars if buyinh new. Don't waste your on one. Most are total crap and won't last even if you can get them to stay in tune and setup decently. For the money you've got you've got to go used and thenbeing in the Uk the prices are still high. Are their options for you to pay monthly or rent cheaply till you've got enough for a decent beginners guitar?
Moving on.....
Best thing to do. Find a guitar playing friend (with an open mind about guitar types). Go to a few guitar shops, and both try out cheap guitars. Compare them to the feel of the other guitars you try. Change the tuning, see how easy it is to get back in tune. If you can play songs on it easily, and you feel like your playing improves, and you like the feel of it, it's probably good to get.

Pickups can be changed. I saw a second-hand Epiphone SG special for £80 in a guitar shop, and when I tried it, it felt great. I bought it, and got it home, eventually put new tuners on it, re-wired it (just a better soldering job) and swapped the neck pickup for the bridge pickup. The guitar plays and sounds great, and even better considering I only spent £80 on it!
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stay away from the stagg, bought it took it back after a week, goes out of tune after 10 minutes, truss rod is rubbish, all the hardwear is poor quality, looks fantastic and the neck is good but you will not be satisfied with the build quality, i traded it in for an Encore les paul copy which is much better put together has Trevor Wilkinson designed humbuckers and can be picked up for a good price, i am keeping mine until i can afford a better guitar but for a guitar that was once an Argos mainstay it's not a bad guitar, just try and get a Wilkinson designed humbucker one as the Argos ones were not as good, it's not as good as an Epiphone but it's not far short as a Gibson and an Epiphone is night and day an Encore and an Epiphone is the afternoon and evening, if that makes any sense.
I think you should just keep saving. Save up to about £350 - £400 and get a fairly decent set-up
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