Heres a cover I did of Coldplay's Charlie Brown off the new album Mylo Xyloto.

If you like the video please rate and feel free to leave a comment, thanks.

Just leave me a link and I'll take a listen to your stuff as well.

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Thanks for your comment on my stuff. So lets go through it:
1. the tone really got me I don't listen to coldplay, so I don't know the original, but the tone you put in there gave me instant shivers. Cool.
2. rhythmically very accurate, technique is spot on
I must have put on thumbs up, for very well mixed and played song. Keep it up mate
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I gotta agree with Jgomez26 & Kiwara on this one. Great job & awesome tone! Got my attention from the very beginning. Very good, mate! Thumbs up!

Btw, thanks for your feedback on my Master of Puppets cover.
I love this a lot man. Mylo Xyloto is such a solid album!
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Hey man, great cover! I really like Mylo Xyloto, it is a very good record. However, great work on your cover too! I can't imagine a better sound quality, if i need to be honest, the tone is perfect for this kind of music and your playing is just great, without any mistakes and faults. So yeah, really good job!

C4C? http://youtu.be/u0hd54ynzUM
Really good cover man, i can't say i'm a fan of the band but your playing was good and seemed to be pretty close to the original. Your guitar tone was real nice, at times i actually couldn't tell what was you and what was on the actual song cause i haven't heard it before. But yeah overall a good cover, keep it up mate

Also thanks for the comments on my track!
My favorite song from the new album and a very solid cover! Great job. Hopefully it doesn't get muted for copyright infringement though.
Nice, you've certainly got some skill. The intro was played excellently. Though I'll have to be critical of mixing it together with Coldplay's original, it detracts from your part. When the song came in, I soon found myself so absorbed by Coldplay's music itself, I stopped noticing what you were playing.

But having said that, the mixing is good (which is probably why I stopped noticing cos you blended in with the track).

C4C, please check out: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1488440
Great cover. Shame their new and previous albums suck balls!

Massively impressed! I just added a cover of the solo to You shook me all night long to the boards
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