So Pit, as the title says...Drunk Dialling
Have you ever drunk dialled someone?
And what did you say exactly?
What is the worst/best thing you have said when drunk dialling someone?


For me
I have yet to phone someone whilst plastered.....Uni will probably change that
I do drop the F-word ALOT when texting drunk..literally every other word is the F-word
That's cool.
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I drunk text but I know who and who not to talk to when I'm drinking. One of my friends sent me a text when he was drinking that said "shut yo f*ck lips and open yo piss eyes and breeeeethe" but the spelling was worse, I lol'd.
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Anything whilst drunk
Nah, I drunk text. Text all the lasses in my phone book and ask if they fancy a shag. Some lass replies yes but I couldn't be arsed walking to hers.
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I drunk text a lot. Usually declaring my love for people. Or how much they wine and bitch.
One time my phone somehow dialed my mom while I was having a conversation with my friend, and while I don't know if what I was talking about was that bad, being drunk, I definately used language I never use around her. So that was kind of awkward.
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I drunk text a lot. Usually declaring my love for people. Or how much they wine and bitch.

I would usually do this, but not through text. I'd get wasted, then my poor wife would have to deal with me repeating over and over again how much I love her haha did this to a few of my friends too.
Generally, if I'm drunk enough for my judgement to be impaired to the point where I'm texting people, I'm drunk enough for any text to come out as "heeuyeh haprnup manuiloovr yyo ode5?"
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Yep, a few weeks back. I called this girl up at about 2 at night and called her a slut.
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Once or twice, mostly drunk texting though. Of course, once in a while someone'll steal my phone and text "I love you" to half my contact list.
I got drunk dialed by my mom once.
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Yes. It is ALWAYS a bad idea. Trust me, I know from experience....
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I should not have been allowed rights to my phone while i was intoxicated this summer. I drinkdialled and was an asshole to every chick's number I had from my work. I texted my ex and freaked her the **** out, but oh well And I'm just an overall idiot when I use my phone while im drunk
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This is never a bad idea. I usually call people, girls who smirk at me and get on my nerves and say honest things with a sadistic twist and they feel really bad. but phone calls or leaving a message is so much more fun than texting whilst intoxicated
i once dialled a random number and some old lady answered then i just screamed into the phone
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I drunk text a lot. Usually declaring my love for people. Or how much they wine and bitch.

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