so there is this guitar camp that I really want to get into for the summer, but it costs alot of money, i got in there last year but just barely on a 300$ partial scholarship.

I want to get a full scholarship this year because i have no money, and I have most of the requirements down except for the song recording.
I need 2 songs total of 10 minutes max.

but i can't really decide and i need some suggestions.
What I was thinking so far is Constant Motion - Dream Theater, and Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin, but the solo on constant motion is really difficult and I teach myself so I dont' know if i can pull it off. (last year i got a 300$ partial scholarship with YYZ- Rush and Bron-Yr-Aur- Led Zeppelin

So if you have any ideas please share, because I'm kinda stuck.
Your'e input will be greatly appreciated.
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Pick songs that you can play confidently and well, rather than flashy ones you can just about play the notes of.