Like, yeah, I dunno, but counting is really hard. I can't keep in time. My dream is to be able to play Steve Reich's phase stuff, especially Clapping Music, but ever since when we sang in round at primary school the introduction of another part means I lose time, fall in with the other part and say the wrong words. You know what I mean? (and do you, as a percussionist, see rhythmic qualities in all sounds, and further, musical phrases, and thus consider the use of any sound as an essentially percussionistic manipulation? Is sampling a form of percusion, with the key on the Akai Drum Pad or whatever the equivalent of the drum or xylophone block?)

Is anyone else totally competent musically and just blown over by rhythm? I feel my drum machine programming is really lacking, and like, definitely my actual drumming.

Also, this isn't spam, because no one is going to read this anyway, its only the drumming forum. Who knows, I might even make it look slightly more full and boost your revenue. Is there like, a theory for that? Do you think Cross lurk elasticity of posts is elastic or inelastic I don't know. Anyway, Steve Reich definitely rocks and I was just wondering if a) other people adore him and feel upset and confused by him too, and b) if this was also a general percussion thread, or just for drumming on kits.

over and out.

edit: hey, the rythmns that the laughing smiley i use earlier in the post could definitely be transcribed into a piece of music. Is the internet the composer? or like, my bandwidth or something? far out...

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