I play guitar, not well but enough to make some tasty riffs. I also don't have much musical training. But I make up for it by being motivated and quick learning. I wasn't tutored but im slowly teaching myself what I need to know. I can't find any people nearby so I want to take this online. I have a sample of my riffs on my page but if you want more, private message me. I also am currently under the alias 'As Saints Fall' on the Facebook page.
Im a lead guitarist, i could play rhythm or lead depending on what ur doing. And what would you mean by melodical, do u mean not all slayerlike riffs, cuz i dont have a problem with that, i actually prefer that. Also, how long have you been playing?
I mean along the line of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains where you have the metalcore influences but you have melodic elements as with the song structure and some clean vocals.

And about 3 years. But my skills aren't that great
I like all 3 of those bands, but not so much a fan of screaming vocals, but they're alright.

i also have been playing for about 3 years, my skills are, i would say, pretty good for my experience.
i also notcied on ur profile you have had problems maintaning members, i have been in a band here in MD for goin on a year now, so that shouldnt be a problem for me
Cool cool. So i'd say youre better than me haha. I have work and all this stuff to do so I can't practice like I used to. And that's good to know. People always bail for stupid reasons. Have recording gear?
Ok. Have Yahoo Messenger? We can talk quicker on there. Im currently trying to make some guitar tracks over this drum track I have.
I uploaded the 1 minute draft I have for the instrumental. Im still working on the guitar sound though but my computer is lagging like a mofo.
im having difficulties setting it up anyway, ill go use the better computer, not my shitty laptop
I wouldn't mind being in this but it looks like the guitars are taken care of. I also like those band's you listed as well and I also like stuff like TDWP, Asking Alexandria, A7X, Bullet For My Valentine etc.
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Do you know how to master and mix? Or work a drum program? I can do those but im not so good at them
I could write drums and program them through Addictive Drums, they sound really good. I could also help with the writing process (guitar player of 4 years). Plus I might be able to do vocals for you guys if you want, clean and screamed.
Sweet, check out what I have so far on my page. Its a sample of what my sound would be like. If youre interested, message me.
Nope I can't I just play guitar lol.
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Peavey Vyper 15w
Peavey 6505+ 112