Today I walked out of my local music retailer carrying this:

It's a Parker DF724! Oh boy!

First off, this guitar is gorgeous. The pictures do it zero justice whatsoever. It weighs almost nothing as you put it on, and the sculpted top and back fit perfectly against the body. SSL-6 and TB-14 pickups, middle is reverse round so all positions are humbucking. Has coil tap on the bridge pickup, along with a fantastic Fishman piezo system in the bridge. The guitar has a wonderful singing midrange and far superior resonance and sustain to that of most guitars I've played. Stereo jack allows for the blended piezo/mag signal to be split into two channels. This allows me to have my acoustic and clean tones go through my 2x12 and my dirty through my Mesa cab. Locking tuners and a GraphTech nut help keep the guitar in tune even under heavy bar use.

This is hands down my new favourite. The neck plays like nothing else and I have zero complaints so far. I have a feeling this guitar and I will get along famously.


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More pics:

Standard Strat
Jackson WRMG
Parker DF724

Axe-Fx Standard
Carvin DCM1000L

Mesa Trad. Slant Recto 4x12 (UK V30s)
Custom Horiz. 2x12 (Commonwealth 12s)
HNGD! +1 for ^^^

MUST HAVE SOUND CLIPS THROUGH MESA 4x12. Sorry but your cab excites me more than the guitar. I have a thing for mesa cabs
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HNGD man

Hows the beauty play? Whats the neck profile like? I've been looking into snagging one of these myself, though I'm torn between one of them and a Custom 24...not sure what do >_<

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That bridge is the seck! I'm so having one of these for my next build!

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O_O Pretty. HNGD!
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Quote by Karlboy
Today I walked out of my local music retailer carrying this

I hope you paid for it.
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nice score! i had a parker very similar to this but alas i was forced to sell it

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i always had a weakness for parkers but they never really fit me sadly.
HNGD mate
The Fly truly exudes cool. HNGD! Play the shit out of it for many, many years!
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I know little about parker guitars everything i heard was good things however i do have a pick-up made from parker not sure what model it was ripped out from and i noticed alot have s.d in them now..so can anyone tell me how well this pick up sounds??
Congrats! I've heard that the Dragonflies are a hit or a miss - seems like you got a hit

There will be 7 string Dragonflies in 2012, btw
One of the nicer looking Parkers I think. Still, don't like the headstock at all. It's a cool idea, but just ugly and impractical. HNGD nonethelss
That finish is awesome. Not a fan of the body shape though, and I hate Parker headstocks.

But HNGD anyway
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from what i have seen, parker makes some of the highest quality stuff out there. they are priced high but it seems justifiable.
Congrats! I for one love the new Parkers every bit as much as the old ones.
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