hi - I'm a newbie left handed player, have an ibanez grx20L, great starter guitar.

quick question, is it normal to get pain/chafing on your index finger near the joint near knuckle, on the inside, from playing? what's happening is, when I slide my hand up or down, it 'catches' on the fret wires that are jutting out just a tiny bit from the neck of the guitar, which hurts my hand, over and over, a bit.

are fret wires supposed to be a little outside the neck (< 1mm?). if not, any ideas on what I should use/nail file/fine sandpaper/whatever, to file them down so they don't stick out of the neck, even the tiny bit they are? because it's causing a red spot area, from chafing... thanks. i hate being a newb at anything, guitar's no different. i'm a long way from playing like angus lol.


googling, sounds like this bass player had same thing:


searching, looks like maybe I should sandpaper the fret wire ends down with 400-600 grit wet sandpaper?
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It sounds like you're needing a bit of fret dressing, there shouldn't be any sharp edges along the neck. You could have a go with a really small file but use masking tape around it so you don't leave big ugly marks in the surrounding area. If you're not confident and the guitar's worth a bit then I would take it to a pro and let them sort it.
thanks... will do, I'll try a small file + sandpaper 600+ grit to buff.. thx for the tip w/masking tape, good idea... my guitar's a $200 starter one so not too concerned about it.. just want to play more, without the occasional getting my hand hurt from fret - thx
hi to all ug subscriber .hope i am welcome to this comunnity i realy wanted to know and how to play guitar thanks.
Hi, Welcome newbie.*
I hope you will have good time here on this discussion forum. Wish you a happy and informative time... cheers...