I love chords, they are some of the first things ive learned, but when improvising my own shit the only thing i really know how to do is throw down random chord progressions.

Still.....as I do this I cant help but feel like im half assing my playing and pissing away practice time. Anyone else get what im saying? When writing your own songs how do you make it to where it actually sounds like music? It just feels too vanilla with only chords or some melody. Maybe I need to start playing with others?
Dynamics maybe? Alter how hard and soft you hit the chords, alternative shapes? Decent rhythms etc. I like rhythm, it's where the real groove lies, if you listen to a lot of bands it's quite often only a few chords but it's more what you do with them that can make a difference I think. Here's one I'm farting about with just now, it's rough as f**k but I don't care, it's got a good groove. I'll find somewhere to go with it yet too lol. make up a nice drum track, alter the guitar parts, throw in some electric guitar etc.

how you arpeggiate the chord as well has factors into the transitions over all feel from chord to chord. find some sequences you enjoy and play around with them
you use your ear. these things that people are talking about like arpeggiation and dynamics? yeah, they come after you've got the basic chord progression. if you have a harmonically ineffective chord progression that doesn't really sound good or accomplish anything, embellishing it won't do much. you can decorate trash, but it's still trash.

once you've get your chord progression, then you apply (again, generally using your ear) embellishments. these include (but are not limited to): rhythm, arpeggiation, dynamics, other voices.

ideally you want a good foundation before you throw all that fancy shit in there. make sense?
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