So, I made another... thing.

Some pop-punk mixed in (mainly a blatant rip-off from Ashley Parker Angel's 2006 radio smash hit) and a riff which sounds like something taken out of a sitcom from the 80's.

I'll just call it progressive rock/pop for the time being.

C4C as always.
i make stuff sound cool.gp5
Hey, thanks for the crit.

You didn't tell me what to crit back, so I'll just crit this :P

Intro is nice. I guess it would sound better on an actuall ukulele. The vocals have a beautiful melody.

80's rock riff was nothing that special, but nice. The vocals over it where good, but 4 times is a bit too many times to listen to that imo. I think you should make it a bit shorter.

The vocals in the "leeeet uuu goooo" part were also good. Really catchy. If you write the lyrics people will surely sing along there :P

That carnival thing made me lol
Kinda weird, but I never had a problem with weird stuff in my music

Good song.
If I were you I'd put the ukulele up an octave and on a acoustic nylon. I know it's silly cause it's only midi but it sounds so much better. If you put strumming patterns in it helps a lot too seeing as that's a major part of ukulele playing.
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The beginning uke sounds good and the 80's rock part is very chill but a good listen. like the simplicity, can make for amazing music, im kinda interested in how the vocals would sound.
I like the octave solo in the outro, I kinda feel the carnival part sounds kinda goofy and outta place though. the let you go part has nice drive, maybe make the drums more prominent there? Some cool ideas wonder how they'll be fully integrated...
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lol, you made an ukele... Nice, sounds good. I like those chords...

My first thought when the next riff started, was " it doesnt work " but then when the vocals shows up, it fits perfectly...

The song reminds me blink 182 ... 59- weird chord, but it works...

I guess you said progressive because it have many tones and contexts at the same song, but i really didnt find the progressive stuff here, its just pop rock, and it sounds good being that...
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