This seems pretty amazing for the price. I was wondering if it would be comparable to maybe a 200 or 300 dollar acoustic electric? I used to have this,


But, it was stolen and I was wondering if the SX guitar would be better or comparable?

Have a budget of 200 dollars.
Live in Sacramento, California.
Just looking for an acoustic with decently low action and has a nice range of sounds for the price.
Play a lot of different genres. Try to do a lot of finger picking on the acoustic. Play the acoustic a lot to work on my electric skills though.

Thanks in advance!!!

I doubt if the guitar you have linked would be as good as the Ibanez you had.

Some of the concessions to price were these:

The "flame maple top", is really a photo.

The preamp only has a single tone control, not the 3 band EQ of better instruments.

The tone control is marked "passive" so I'm not even sure this guitar has an onboard preamp. Perhaps somebody else could ring in on that.

The body is sort of thin, only 3 5/8", which leads me to believe this guitar would would be very bright, and perhaps thin in the bottom end.

Something else I gathered from the specs, (I hope correctly), is the soundboard of this guitar is agathis wood, not spruce. I frankly don't know this would affect the sound.

It's pretty much a given that an acoustic in this price range will be plywood, (laminate if you prefer). That said, I personally think you'd be better off with spruce ply.

So, it's probably worth a hundred bucks, it's just not equivalent to anything more expensive. The whole, "it sounds like a guitar worth XXX dollars more, is BS the vendors try to pry out of reviewers, nothing more.
Thanks! That helps a lot. I'm probably going to buy another Ibanez of the same model now.