Wow, that was interesting, I couldn't remember whether my username was hyphenated or not..

So, here it is! My mix that I've had mentally prepared for the last month but only physically prepared for the last 24 hours.. I went as far as making an account on 8tracks.com or whatever the site was before I though I'd like visuals to accompany the songs I've picked, so I hope you guys don't mind that I've made a youtube playlist, also. I've also picked twelve songs, but I couldn't pick which ones I wanted to get rid of, so I hope you guys listen to a few of them, if you don't have time to listen to them all.
I've gone with a bit of a theme, as some of you may be able to pick by the bands I've chosen.. They're all Australian! Oz Rock represent!!!

All rock, with a little roll here and there.

1 - Tame Impala: Half Full Glass Of Wine Describes my last relationship shitstorm to a T.
2 - The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition A beautiful song which just gets bigger and bigger.
3 - Antiskeptic - Dancing On The Inside Didn't know which one to pick, Andy, so I plumped for this one
4 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! This song has a great, dirty groove to it. And a cool video - I wish I could grow a 'mo as well as Nick..
5 - Stone Parade - Paranoia Doubt many of you will have heard of these guys, but this track is killer - substandard lyrics, but a great riff.
6 - Karnivool - Shutterspeed God, too many songs to choose from so I shut my eyes and pointed my finger..
7 - Gotye - The Only Way Again, it was a toss up between this one and 'Eyes Wide Open', which I think is lyrically a better song, but this has a better overall vibe about it.
8 - Birds Of Tokyo - The Bakers Son I initially put their song 'The Gap' in here, but the official video was a live recording with no energy and did no justice whatsoever to the studio version. This song (The Bakers Son) is absolutely brilliant live, especially the last two minutes or so of the song.
9 - Children Collide - Social Currency I wanted 'Economy' here, but I couldn't find the version I wanted so this had to make do.
10 - End Of Fashion - The Game Just a fun song.


11 - Art vs. Science - Finally See Our Way Epic sounding song, epic video clip..
12 - The Butterfly Effect - Sum Of 1 This was a tough one, the final song, but I've seen these guys live a few times and this song is one of my favourite album closers, by any band I've ever listened to. The way it builds up, the last section of the song sends chills down my spine.

And there you have it.. I do hope you guys can listen to all of these - and in that order, because they flow quite well (like a healthy menstruation ). Enjoy (please)..!

- Kai

Already happened mixtapes:

Week 1 - BenRaah
Week 2 - Squall142
Week 3 - Hazzmatazz

Upcoming Mixtapes:

Week 5 - 11/12 - Steve (steve_muse)
Week 6 - 11/19 - Will 1 (Alter-Bridge)
Week 7 - 11/26 - David (edgeyyz)
Week 8 - 12/3 - Will (slipknot5678)
Week 9 - 12/10 - Dan (Dan_5893)
Week 10 - 12/17 - Andy (badpun)
Week 11 - 12/24 - Stephen (stepco12345)
Week 12 - 12/31 - ??? (Duffman123)

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I've enjoyed everything so far except Nick Cave.

EDIT: I can barely understand a word the bloke from Children Collide says. It's like a drunk Steve post but worse
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
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Sweet list man. Nick Cave one didn't play. Some I really dug, definitely.

That one song, Sweet Disposition, play on the radio here all the time.
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Karnivool and The Butterfly Effect are two of my favorite bands (Birds of Tokyo're pretty awesome too), so I'll be sure to see how these other foreign bands measure up. This gives me an idea for a theme for my list though.

Edit: I liked most of them, unfortunately three were blocked for the US, so I'll have to listen to them later. Good mix.
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I was going to put Shutterspeed on my list Oh well, I have a backup. Good list

I hope you don't take which one I have planned...