I have a Paul Gilbert Flanger. Like new beside Velcro on bottom. Can remove it an put the rubber feet back on if ya'd like. Comes w/ box an all paper work. Does not come w/ AC Adapter. It went out. Asking $95 pp'd/gift or pay 3% fee. I have lots of good deals here an on HC. I have the same name on HC. So if ya wanna look me up.

Only thing I'd trade for is: MXR EVH Flanger

It in the bottom left of the pic. But I'm sure ya know that.
Good Deals:TeamBendeR,xnatex,thesockmonster,
This is a good price for this pedal it's a $150 pedal.....So someone take it! Need to sell fast!!
Good Deals:TeamBendeR,xnatex,thesockmonster,