i did some research on this amp listened to some youtube video's on it, i bought it locally off CL for 100$ cash and thought it might be a cheaper alternative to what i was gonna buy. Which is either a marshall class 5 or a vox ac15. For 100$ i figured if i did'nt like it i could sell it for 125$ or at a break even price which i may have to do now.

My question is could the preamp tube be blown on this amp or does it really just naturally sound this lifeless and muddy? It definitely has an all tube strong thick tone. Loud and meaty. But that is all i can say good about this amp. I have played it for 3 hours now and cannot get a single good tone out of it. It sounds like there is a subtle veil covering all good sounds that this thing could emit. Usually when an amp lacks balls like this i turn the treble up a little bit to make it a little more punchy. I have dialed in everything to no avail.

This amp is peculiar. Turning the treble up makes it even more muddy usually that is not the case with amps. As for the tubes, I can see one glowing tube. If the preamp tube is not supposed to glow like a light bulb then it is as it should be. I do not know enough about tubes to know if the pre amp tube is shot. One tube is visibly glowing, the other is not.

My fear here is maybe it is working fine and the problem is spelled CRATE. I have never heard a crate amp that sounds good. I did'nt know blackheart was actually a crate, that was only in the fine print i noticed now. Amp has no balls whatsoever. I'm talking Bob Barker the price is right have your pet spayed or neutered lack of balls.

Do i have a blown tube, or did i just overestimate how good this amp was gonna sound based on favorable reviews and comparisons and colored sound clips online?
o and btw i am playing it through an excellent speaker cabinet to. a 2x12 avatar cab with 2 celestion vintage 30's . the blackheart is the head version. So bad speakers is Not the problem it is definitely the amp.
i may upload a pic later. I turned all the lights off in the room to view it and clearly there is one tube glowing and only one. Not all tubes are supposed to give off light though.
also the amp has Zero overdrive or distortion. I seemed to remember in clips if you turn the volume up all the way on the amp and turn the volume down on your guitar ( to balance the overall level of sound ) that you can get a natural overdrive tone from driving the tubes. This amp has only a clean tone. Even with the volume at 10.
i wrote the seller an email, definitely something wrong with this amp. Is the lack of ANY overdrive or distortion even with the volume on ten consistent with a bad preamp or power tube?

These clips are of stock little giants, with overdrive crunchy vintage distortion tone. Mine is only getting a clean tone. I am not getting a trace of distortion