I am wondering if anyone knows if i should let the srain in my thumb while playing bar chords last for like five or ten seconds before i let the pressure off? I thought maybe it would belp build the muscle since its tearing and having to be repaired from the exercition. I have only had about maybe 5 or 10 hours practiceing them and i can somewhat play them for like 20 or 40 seconds sometimes but then that pressure starts to happen.
Try not to strangle the guitar, I used to have the same problem but I'm getting better at it, I think it's something to do with a build up of some sort of chemical in the muscle that causes it rather than strain.
i think the pain will still be here for awhile though since i just started and the mucsles are weaker. I found somewhere that you can use just your arm to press down and not even have to use you thumb on the back of the neck but i dont think that is the best idea although i should try it
it's normal, keep practicing and make sure you aren't pressing any harder than you have to to keep the strings stopped.

also, make sure you aren't bending your thumb too much.
Also when your thumb gets really sore, lower your hand, give it a shake and flex the thumb and try not to push yourself to hard to soon.
i can feel the strain turning into a worse and worse cramp the longer i hold the F,G, or C bar chords but i usually take my hand off after about 3 or four seonds cz i dont wanna accidently hurt it but then i was thinking it might be good to slightly play through the the stain for a for like 10 second of it to build muscle or endurence or something like that but idk if thats whats happenning and if should not be doing this
I am having the same problem with his thumb. A lot of training to help me.
Your building muscles that you haven't used..

Take a break for a day or two and let things heal...

you wouldn't go from the couch to a marathon... would you?
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make sure you're rolling the fretting finger on it's side.

lean the pressure at the base of the finger.

use gravity to hold the fretting finger on the board.

ice after playing. (hold a cold can of soda)
stretch with rubberbands,
and take breaks like said.

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