hey guys what is the sound of a distortion, what i mean about that is a specific distortion, you know, overdrive, drive, metal. May i know the different kinds of distortions? And what they sounds like?

well my main target why im asking this is because, no, just read my other thread. Somebody posted a youtube vid there, an acoustic with a distortion sounds like a "real" elec. Guitar.
The simple explanation is that distortion boxes square the sound wave, thereby creating that "distorted" sound. It looks like this:

Fuzz, overdrive and distortion tend to describe the amount and tonal characteristics of the distortion produced. Your ears are the best judge of what you want.
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to whoever read this, could you pls upload a mp3 sound of fuzz, drive, overdrive, flanger, phaser versions of a song. Thnx
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Heres some links!


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+1 just go to this site it's not that hard, we're not going to spoonfeed you mp3's so stop posting and listen to those demos

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