Just joking ffs.

Damn I miss you guys!

I just wanted to remind you guys you're the best damn forum in the whole gaw-damn intern3tz. Period.

Unless it's just a whole bunch of new guys trollin around here lately, in that case you guys suck! Just joking again ffs....


Also, this place has the best dam mods in the whole frikken universe!!!
They just will NOT close your thread even if it's useless!! Love the mods here...
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Yeah! I also find this place very cool and cozy There are of course other forums regarding guitars issues but this one rocks.
Vintage guitars are not only musical instruments but they are the spirit of music history. Find a lot types of vintage guitars here.
really only one problem with this subfourm. to many posts about modes. even witht he sticky people keep posting.

"Grab your axe, come on in and discuss Music Theory, Writing & Composition, Improvising, Sight reading and more!"

and more is kinda a catch all huh. if i have a topic about pretty much anything related to music i will post it here.
Blues, classical, metal. Who says you cant love all 3?
Yea, I find myself drawn back here myself. Even after months away.

BTW DarnDavid, I LOVE your sig. Though why just those 3 .
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This thread is in the wrong section so I reported this thread for spam. Learn how to read the rules, here's a link so you can skim over them.


Okey guys who's trolling a 2nd account?

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Who's Andy Timmons??
Fun while it lasted, but alas....

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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